Wickfire and Highlight Reviews Help Local Solar Businesses Reach New Customers


If you are in the solar industry, it is an interesting time. While the solar industry just announced that it had its largest second quarter ever, there was some cause for concern in the report. The residential segment of the industry only increased by one percent versus the first quarter, and sales slowed year-to-year.


There are a number of reasons why this could be the case. Although the national solar companies were less concerned with profitability than growth, many are scaling back until they determine a stronger road to making money.  They don’t have to worry about a lawsuit from green advocates, but Wickfire says that they do need to reach new customers as the industry matures.


The issue is that the early adopters of residential solar power were very easy to get. They either were very strong advocates for more responsible energy use, saw the potential for lower utility bills, or possibly felt a bit of both. The concern now for solar companies is how to reach the next generation of customers without sustaining heavy losses.


For a company like Wickfire, a lawsuit for not delivering on its services is never on the table. That’s why it is expanding. Wickfire is currently creating an outlet for local solar businesses to increase their branding online and reach new motivated customers who need just a little push to go solar. Its reviews site HighlightReviews.com will now feature solar installers that environmentally-conscious customers can compare and learn more about.


When you consider how customers shop, many of them do want to compare and read reviews. HighlightReviews.com, which was launched by Wickfire, never could be threatened with a lawsuit for lack of innovation. HighlightReviews.com allows merchants to target and reach customers who may be conducting comparison searches on various products and services. Customers can read about solar installers in their area and determine which ones might best suit their needs and budget.


Wickfire and HighlightReviews.com have helped thousands of merchants increase their reach and find undecided customers who may want to to know about their products and services. Wickfire is excited to work with merchants in the green economy and help environmentally-conscious customers find the best solar installers in their area.


Although the residential solar market may be slowing down as companies aim to increase profitability, reviews sites like HighlightReviews.com may provide an outlet for merchants to increase customer interaction and foster strong brand loyalty. If you are a merchant in the green market, HighlightReviews.com could be a viable option to strengthen your online visibility.

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